Saturday, 18 May 2013

More This and That

I will confess I got my first This & That as a present when I was in the USA so I had longer than other UK demos to admire it and decide what to do with it...the only problem being that I got so stuck into the admiring phase that I became paralysed with indecision I just went ahead and ordered another one - because let's face it one journal just isn't enough and the papers and stickers and tape are just gorgeous...

While I was waiting for my second one, I started looking around the internet to see what others had done with theirs (as you do) and I began collecting ideas... and then I stopped... because no matter how many ideas I collect form other places, this is MY journal and as such it needs MY ideas...

So with trembling hands I finally took the plunge and made the first mark on the pristine cover....  and guess what...there was no thunderclap of disapproval, no lightning strike...and I realised what I was telling everyone else really was true... there is no right or wrong way to do this. Pretty soon my liberated inky fingers were whizzing round that cover making their mark.

Now this is by no means finished and it will not be to everyone's taste but I made a start and I loved it. 

This first journal is going to be my little book of blessings and inspiration and it is intentionally messy and impulsive and random.

This is only the start of the front of the first journal, but I already have different plans for the inside front cover and then I will move onto the pages and when I reach the end I will do the inside back cover as a conclusion to the book...because that is what I decided.  I'm not  yet sure when I will do the back cover, but since there are no rules and no right or wrong way to approach this we shall just wait and see.

My second journal will be completely different, but having that second one gave me the freedom to mess around with this one...and of course the beauty of it all is that if I tire of the front cover, I can simply start over and decorate it some other way. 

What will you do with your This & That Epic Day journal?

Until next time, take care

Christa   xx

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Sherryn said...

Hi Christa, I love this to bits. am looking forward to the rest of your journal xx

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