Wednesday, 18 May 2011

A slight pause

There has been a slight pause in activity because my dear sweet husband decided he wanted to do something nice for me and he stripped my craftroom and began to give it a full make over.

The idea is good and very generous and the end result will be amazing, but the process is agony. All my crafting materials are packed & stacked while the work goes on and not being able to get busy is driving me crazy.

My ideas and enthusiam are on high but productivity is stalled...Thankfully we are coming the final stretch and normal crafting service will be resumed shortly...

Meantime I am enjoying the sights, sounds and smells of the makeover. The room has had a complete refurb and I love the new colours and the floor is simply nice in fact it seems a pity to bring furniture back in here. It all has a new wood smell and the sawing, drilling and banging all indicates progress so I am enjoying it all.  Another couple of days and all my goodies can come back in here and  I can STAMP my mark on my new improved workspace.

Will post pics once it is finished...and before I make it all messy again.

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