Saturday, 13 April 2013

Stampin' Fun with the Superstars

Tomorrow is our team training  event.,..a chance for all of  us to gather together and swap  information, ideas and sample projects. It is usually a fun filled day with lots of laughter, inkiness and cake.

Swapping project samples is always a big part of any
 of our get-togethers and this time the theme for our
swaps is "Masculine".

The first sets of cards are all based around The Need for Speed stamp set.
I know a lot of people say they struggle making cards
for men,   but I love it and find it makes a great change from pretty cards  filled with flowers , butterflies or assorted cuteness.

 What I do struggle with however, is making forty cards all the same... unless its part of a wedding or party invites package where continuity is the purpose of the project, I just can't do it!

I'm not sure if its because I have too many ideas... or because I have the attention span of an ooh look shiny...  but even though I start out with one design, I just can help but morph each one a little...  I may start out with a similar design but in different colour ways like the card to the right and the one below...

 But then I will decide I want to try something else ...perhaps not as colourful and so might do a few in neutral tones like these below...which were made using a home made glimmer mist and some sentiment stamps

And then I might decide the neutrals are too sombre and I need to inject a little fun into my swaps...
and out comes the make a monster stamp set and some punches and some glitter card to end on a fun note

Some might say I may more work for myself by making so many different designs, but for me this was fun...the time flew by and I hardly noticed that I had made forty samples. I hope that my team mates will like my swap samples... I know on previous events they have said I make it hard for them because they have to choose...whatever happens, I know tomorrow will be a lot of fun and I will come home with lots of great ideas and some fabulous swapped samples.

If you would like to get the products needed to make cards like these, would like to attend a craft class, hold a workshop or want to be a part of all the fun and would like to know more about joining my team, please do drop me a line.

Until next time, take care

Christa   xx

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