Sunday, 15 December 2013

Building on crazy - the craft room reno project

Just a very quick note to say that of all the crazy ideas we ever had, this has to be right up there...

With less than two weeks to go before Christmas and while in the middle of festive preparations (dare I admit I still haven't finished making all my Christmas cards yet... eek!) we have started a major renovation project at home... involving (GASP!) my craft room.

I am pretty sure there will be much wailing and gnashing of teeth (from me) during this process and to that end I have started what will be a temporary blog-ette for the sole purpose of recording the process.
If you are in the least bit interested you can follow my pain...I mean progress,  here and if you couldn't care less you won;t be troubled with any of it here among the inky-papery stuff.

Until next time, take care

Christa   xx

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Crafting Alison said...

Hi Christa

I have loved reading your craft room blog. It's good to see you showing the bad as well as the good to make it so personal.

hope you are better soon and look forward to seeing you again.

Alison C-H. (crafting alison)

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