Friday, 13 December 2013

Crazy for Christmas

It is that time again...the run up to the festive season when everything  starts to get a little bit crazy. The traffic is even heavier than usual, the crowds are building and tempers are fraying as queues grow longer...

So instead of joining the commercial craziness  decided to stay indoors in the warm and punch some snowmen...

Now that is not as violent as it may sound..I  am a peaceful soul  at heart and of course I mean that I take some cardstock and my beloved punches and punch out some characters to decorate my remaining Christmas projects.

But sometimes the craziness creeps into crafting too and this particular snowman has a certain look about I thought I would share him with you today.

As the craziness builds, stay sane and punch a just know you want to...

Until next time, take care

Christa   xx

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