Saturday, 7 May 2016

This is what kept me busy

I have been a bit sporadic at keeping up with my blog in the past year but have been seriously trying to maintain a minimum two posts per week ratio...and then just realised that I have not posted for almost a week!

The clue for the  reason behind this sudden lapse is in the photo... Yep! I got my hands on the new upcoming catalogue and some pre-order goodies.

Great excuse eh?

As demonstrators we are lucky enough to get the catalogue a few weeks before the official launch and we also get to pre-order from a selection of new products.

I am  already in love with the new 2016-2018 in-colours  (mind you I have never met a set of in-colours that I didn't like) and I can't wait to start using them....and I will use them.... just as soon as I can tear myself away from the new catalogue. It is fabulous!

 I have not slipped back into irregular  blogging habits, I just fell face first into the new catalogue!

But as catalogue launch is still a few weeks away, I am going to try to curb my new catty enthusiasm and between now and then I will concentrate on giving some attention to  stamps sets that are current right now and will be carrying over into the new catalogue.

Until next time

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