Monday, 26 May 2014

Weekend Bliss

I had decided (on Thursday evening after I spent ages looking for something in my craftroom - which is in serious danger of becoming the room of doom)that from now on Friday will be allocated Tidy Friday and is to be followed by use 'em or lose 'em scraps Saturday ( and maybe Sunday too before the recycling collection comes on Monday) but the best laid plans and all that...because as I started the much needed and seriously overdue tidy of the craftroom, I came across my bag from the Telford event last weekend...and spotted the make & take project I had brought home with me.

We often get make & take projects at Stampin' Up! events but I usually prefer to use the time for networking (aka chatting)  and anyway it is easier to bring home a project kit on the train than a completed project - especially if it is a 3D I tell myself I will do it when I get home...

But do I ? Nope! I still have at least half a dozen make & take projects still in the wrappers (shock horror oh the shame...)... so this time I vowed publicly that I would complete this latest make & take... a cute little bag to hold some note cards and of course the cards to go inside.

Of course it would have been prudent to double check I own all the necessary tools and materials to complete the task at home...and of course typically I did not... so I have had to adapt the project to suit the stuff I do have...but despite the switcheroos I am pleased with how it turned out....and of course pleased as punch that I actually completed the project...albeit a full week after the event.

If you look really closely you may spot a sneak peek of a new catty product ssh! don't tell

Until next time, take care

Christa   xx


Pollypurplehorse said...

aw love the little bag notecard holder, how sweet


C said...

Thanks for dropping by and for your kind comments Angela, I really appreciate you taking the time. The bag is quite easy to make using one sheet of A4 for the base (including handles) and then you can decorate it to match your project using designer papers or you can make your own stamped backgrounds...which is what I did here.
I'm kinda glad this was the one make&take project I actually completed
Take care

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