Monday, 7 July 2014

A Little Kindness

I spent a happy evening yesterday sitting in front of the telly watching football and mounting my new stamp sets.  It was the World Cup game Holland vs Costa Rica - which only really got going in the last 15 minutes and then through extra  time and penalty shoot out it was real nail biting stuff...and when I put a sticker on wonky I decided to stop.

Finished the task of adding all the stickers today during the last set of the men's final at Wimbledon... which was not as exciting as the footy.

So anyway that was quite enough sport for one weekend and this evening I decided it was time to get inky and stamp...

But  with so many lovely new stamp sets, where to start? I decided the only way was to close my eyes, put my hand in the box and pull out a set and work with that... so Kinda Eclectic it is...

This is a fabulous new set and for my first sample I decided NOT to use the most blindingly obvious stamp in the set. Instead I went for the leaves, the larger of the two butterflies and the sentiment...and I have to say those leaves are my absolute favourites ever. They are just beautiful and will work perfectly with any of the floral stamp sets I own.  I have of course stamped the other elements in the set and these will feature in another project very soon...but for now its a quick and simple Kindness card from me.

Until next time, take care

Christa   xx

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