Friday, 4 July 2014

Good things come to she who waits...

Finally the wait is over and the lovely UPS driver came with my goodies ...and if you are one of the people who placed an order with me this week then your goodies are in here too -  and they will be on their way to you without delay.

So far all I have done is opened the boxes to check the contents - well okay I did admire things as I took them out of the box, I mean who could resist? Even my non crafting husband  sidled up and took a peek in the box to see what was inside!

I was especially extra happy with one or two things I discovered as I went through everything in the boxes... and as I explore properly I will be back to share my thoughts...and hopefully some samples will follow shortly...because it seems rather rude not to stamp and share.

But for now I am off to explore further.

Until next time, take care

Christa   xx

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